Is your website tablet or mobile friendly?

You only have to look around these days to see the way that technology’s changing. Once upon a time it was desktop computers and, at a push, a laptop or two, but now there’s an iPhone or tablet device around every corner. This offers big challengers for web designers and businesses alike—where once there were only different resolutions and screen sizes to worry about, now it’s a whole different ball game. Mobile phones and tablets require totally different designs and it’s important to make sure your website is tablet-friendly if you want to retain customers, because if they can’t use your site you could easily lose business.

There are a number of different areas you’ll need to address, the first being in regards to Flash. iPads, and indeed all Apple devices, don’t allow this type of functionality so if your site is based on Flash you’ll have to devise a substitute to make it suitable, because with iPads dominating the market it’s vital to be compatible with them. You’ll also need to check your navigation menus still work, ideally avoiding drop-down menus for increased ease of use, and make sure to design your site for touch interaction—people will be using fingertips rather than a mouse, so make sure that any buttons and navigational items are large enough (and spaced far enough apart) to be user-friendly. You’ll need to check layout and text size too to make sure everything’s suitable, and remember one thing above all others—simplicity is key.

The tablet market is booming and it’s set to continue for a long time to come, so it’s vital your website is tablet-friendly to accommodate this growing trend. Whether you need a few tweaks or a complete redesign depends entirely on your current website, but if you need a helping hand make sure to get in touch. We can ensure your site is fully-functional on every level to offer a pleasant user experience no matter how your customers choose to operate, so contact us on 0800 2118 345 or 07941 513683 to make sure you’re ready for anything.

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