The importance of backlinks (and how to get them)

In your quest to reach the top spot of search engines, you need to take advantage of every available tool at your disposal. One of the best things you can do is implement an effective link building strategy—link building, or the process of securing backlinks that direct traffic to your site, can transform your page rank to get the visibility you want, and the importance of these links should never be underestimated.

What are backlinks anyway?

Backlinks are incoming links that point to your site from another webpage, and can be thought of as a stamp of popularity—if another website points back to yours you’ve got their approval and, hopefully, some of their traffic. In the eyes of search engines the more backlinks you have the more popular you are and the higher up in their search results you should be, and if you’re getting these backlinks from already popular sites you can go even further. Quality is just as important as quantity, and if you’re getting backlinks from high-profile sites you’ll be able to increase your own profile through association, ultimately helping to improve visibility and get you a good page rank.

How can I get these must-have backlinks?

There are several routes you might want to go down, with link swapping and forum posting being good places to start. If you cultivate good relationships with other webmasters they’ll be more than willing to form a mutually beneficial arrangement—much like the Blogroll system on WordPress—offering benefits for both parties. Forum posting can also be a great way to get your site out there and engaging in social media can be just as beneficial, and if you’re really stuck there are plenty of services that let you pay for backlinks for instant gratification.

If you use link building to your advantage you’ll soon be able to increase your page rank, and with enough backlinks dotted around the web you can’t go wrong. The only problem is that it can be difficult to do well, and if you want to increase your chance of success you need to get in touch with the experts—us. We’ll be able to devise a strategy of link building to help get the results you want, so give us a call on 0800 2118 345 or 07941 513683 to see what we can do.

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