The importance of blogging for SEO

Getting to the top spot of search engines will always be on any site-owners wish list, and there are a number of avenues you can take in order to achieve that goal. Improving SEO relies on a combination of different techniques but one that should be at the forefront of your mind is blogging, but just why is it so important anyway?

Well, blogging has quickly become the most predominant form of online publishing and as such can have a huge impact on SEO. The whole point of having a blog is to regularly provide fresh content and it’s this freshness that search engines rely on—websites that have been updated recently will be ranked higher than those which haven’t been, because like us, search engines don’t want to read information that’s blatantly out of date. By regularly updating your blog you’ll attract search engines far more readily, and if you remember to include a careful smattering of keywords you’ll have even more SEO success.

Incoming links also play a part here. If you regularly publish engaging content then other websites are more likely to link back to yours, increasing your page rank through association, and then you simply need to consider the social networking potential of blogging. Social media has transformed the way the online world operates and search engines have taken notice of that fact, because a website that’s been repeatedly recommended will always be ranked higher than one that hasn’t been. People will share content they find interesting, perhaps through clicking the “Like” button or tweeting it, and if your blog post gets shared around it’ll instantly boost your profile.

Content really is king. Being able to regularly provide your readers with fresh, engaging information can make all the difference to your SEO endeavours, and with blogging being the most effective way to get regular content out to the masses you’d be wise to give it a go. By providing usable information you’re also encouraging readers to come back for more to only add to the benefits, so never underestimate the importance of blogging for SEO and you could soon see your page rank soar.

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